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Well let's see I'm a self-taught photographer (circa 1993). I discovered this craft while attending summer school (Tuskegee University) after failing Calculus for the 2nd time. Needless to say I fell in love. I've moved from film to digital but the lessons learned along the way are still with me. I primarily think of myself as a technically accomplished photographer and self proclaimed gear-head (camera gear). So feel free to follow my photography blog that will probably not be in any particular order as I post what I feel. You will see many Concerts, Family Life, Some Nature... and lots more Street Photography as I embark on a new adventure in low light and Black and White. BTW I did not pass the calculus that summer as I found something better to occupy my time and heart. I did pass my calculus class and graduate....eventually. :)
  1. Bobby Jones Presents the ‘Bermuda Gospel Festival featuring Vashawn Mitchell Band’

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